Nell’s Way – A New Ties Story

1 Seasons Jun 2022

Season 1 Episode 5 out now!

La Familia – A New Ties Story

1 Seasons Apr 2022

Season 1 Episode 2 Out Now!

New Ties

2 Seasons May 2019

Old City, New Ties, where loyalty is more important than bloodlines. Eric, John and Ryan embark on a dangerous journey and soon find out there are many repercussions in the family drug business. Their lives will be changed and relationships will be tested. “New Ties” and original raw, gritty and emotional series, that will have […]

Disconnected 2

Mature 1 Hour 21 Minutes

One year after Reese quits his job at King’s Cable, his life starts to unravel. As he tries to sow his life back together, the past comes to haunt him.

You Can Stay The Night

Mature 58 Minutes

Terry and Mary travel south on an anniversary trip. Along the way they meet a nice southern couple due to a break down on their coach, but there is more than southern hospitality in store for this exchange of strangers.


Mature 1 Hour 15 Minutes

“All in a day’s work,” takes on a whole new meaning when you work for King’s Cable. Disconnected takes you on a side splitting comedic journey through an 8 hour shift like nothing ever seen! Meet Darnell, a mild mannered “company man” who makes every effort to stay out of trouble, in hopes of “climbing […]


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