Doreon Johnson

As a Nell advances in a dope game. He is learning quickly that with more money comes more problems. It is inevitable. The cost of the lifestyle he is stuck in is starting to be more than he is willing to pay.

Now that Ronell has entered the next level in the game he has to learn to stay afloat. Visited by his deceased mother Sandra, he is reminded to follow the rules of the dope game.

Lalo finally gets Maria home but finds himself in Cesar’s position as the cartel’s new drug distributor. He now has to move the drugs before the cartel makes good on their promise to kill his family. The gap widens between Lalo and Maria due to his idea that this will somehow lead to a better life.

Three women. Same aspiration. Different struggles. Destiny can’t focus on all the love she’s getting at the club; or sleep; because of a tragedy. Doesn’t help the resident diva thinks she’s stealing her shine. Keisha never met a man she didn’t like; or lay. Ever since a devastating heartbreak, she loves em and leaves em; just like the fellas. Will she ever find that special someone? Misty can’t seem to get out of her funk. Things just aren’t the same and she’s unwilling to accept change. Maybe she doesn’t know how.